Nicole Yeo is a designer and artist, raised in the Pacific Northwest.
B. Design in Visual Communication Design from University of Washington, Seattle (2012).

As a designer

Through design, I focus on the fundamental development of understanding of motivations within people, and how precise integration of complementary motivations can orchestrate communities that thrive. I’m drawn to building multi-faceted platforms that drive deeply into the intricate needs of the communities served.
There are fascinating problems abound to address through design, but I’m particularly interested in platforms that provide access to opaque or inaccessible markets – most recently access to cultural and creative capital. I enjoy building systems that anticipate evolution and iteration, built toward an envisioned outcome with deliberate intention, not simply captial gain. I hope to apply my experiences toward efforts in sustainability: to develop new resource creation and consumption systems to diminish carbon emissions, universal accesss to clean energy, to eradicate human dependancy on fossil fuels (please contact me if you’re pursuing the same, and in need of design thinking). 

As an artist

My ceramics practice pursues tactility of muted feelings, through form. My work reflects observations along the journey of connecting to myself, exploring tensions and contradictions in relating to self and relating to others. Together, these observations create a vocabulary for my experience as an Asian American woman, an older sister, a daughter to a single father, a person of color raised in white America. I create in pursuit of paying deeper attention to feelings muted as a result of these experiences, to reveal truth that may resonate with others muting emotions within themselves.

Ceramics Collaborators 

Togei Kyoshitsu
Brooklyn Clay Tour (via Supersmith)
New Women Space
Regular Visitors (via Extra Floral)
The Great Eros
Supply Unica
Wing on Wo & Co.